Chequers Mews

Chequers Hill , Doddington, Kent, ME9 0BN

Clarus Solutions Ltd

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Traditionally appealing on the outside, masquerading a whole abundance of new and modern twists Chequers Hill is surrounded by the charming village of Doddington and the prestigious Doddington Place,  making this a truly inspiring place to call home.  Take a look yourself and come and discover life at Chequers Hill.
Chequers Mews Site Map

The Oats, Plot 4

Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 3
Guide Price POA
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Watermill Court

Hothfield, Kent, TN25 4LS
Bates House£745,000 Available
Mariette House£650,000 Sold
Tup House£775,000 Available
Florence House£750,000 Sold
Just released


Faversham, Kent, ME13 9HZ
The Morello Plot£230,000 Available
The Sunburst Plot£270,000 Available
The Hertford Plot£295,000 Available
The Bradbourne Plot£350,000 Available
The Morello£540,000 Available
The Sunburst£546,400 Available
The Hertford£600,000 Available
The Bradbourne£715,000 Available
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Four Gun Field

Rainham, Kent, ME8 8QR
The Newington, Plot 20£385,000 Available
The Newington, Plot 35£385,000 Available
The Newington, Plot 3£390,000 Available
The Twydall, Plot 5£430,000 Available
The Twydall, Plot 1£435,000 Available
The Upchurch, Plot 2£455,000 Available
The Wetham, Plot 16£470,000 Available
The Wetham, Plot 15£470,000 Available
The Twydall, Plot 30£425,000 Sold
Help to buy available

The Old Dairy

Minster-on-Sea, Kent, ME12 3AA
The Old Dairy, Plot 12£275,000 Available
The Old Dairy, Plot 13£275,000 Available
The Old Dairy, Plot 14£275,000 Available
The Old Dairy, Plot 9£295,000 Available
The Old Dairy, Plot 10£295,000 Available
The Old Dairy, Plot 4£309,995 Sold
The Old Dairy, Plot 7£295,000 Sold
The Old Dairy, Plot 1£299,995 Sold
The Old Dairy, Plot 3£309,995 Sold